Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sick Day

Here's what my day looks like:

Lots of tissues, digital Yahtzee, and the remote control. I figured after spending all day yesterday sneezing and coughing my way through work (with plenty of Purell at the ready), I'd give my coworkers a break. I'm home resting in the hopes of kicking this annoying cold. The good thing is there's no fever or body aches, and just a minor sore throat. So I think we can rule out that dreaded three-letter-word... starts with f and rhymes with shoe. That one.

But I don't have a wide array of choices when it comes to cold medicines right now, so a day of sleep, water, and back-to-back episodes of A Baby Story will have to do. Let's hope it does the trick.

Speaking of A Baby Story, here's the latest progress:

23 weeks

24 weeks

Pardon me for sounding indelicate, but it would be nice if the boobs would stop growing at the same rate as the belly. It's just getting awfully.. crowded. In the frontal area. I know, I know. I have a long way to go. Alls I'm sayin is, donations to the New Bras Every Two Weeks foundation are welcome.

But in terms of the pregnancy, I have been feeling pretty good lately. At the risk of jinxing it, things have been uneventful. Baby boy is moving around like crazy in there and Tony has finally been able to feel it from the outside, which is exciting and fun. I'm getting a lot of nice comments from strangers and coworkers who are just realizing the extra poundage is not just from chocolate donuts.

And typing those words was all it took... I just texted Tony to pick up a chocolate donut for me on his way home from work. The cravings for sweets are out of control. This is definitely his father's son!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better, Sarah! And sorry about the crowding in the frontal area (that made me LOL! ;-D


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