Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project Baby: A Progression

Maybe it's just because I am knocked up myself, but I am fascinated by baby bellies and seeing the progression through the weeks. Going through it myself and seeing others go through it on various message boards and email groups, I realize that every person is different. I hadn't gained any weight in the first 16 weeks, and then BAM. What's up 8 pounds. Nice to see you there... on my rear. And everywhere else.

So here is my progress so far, in photos. (Please don't mind the messy background. I haven't made it to the nesting stage yet.)

13 Weeks -

14 Weeks -

16 Weeks -

18 Weeks -

19 Weeks -

20 Weeks (halfway there!) -

I'll continue taking photos, as painful as it might be the larger I become. And believe me, I'm getting bigger by the day. I figure this will be something interesting to look back on.

And hopefully a few months after delivery I'll be able to post a proud photo of myself back in fighting form. Wishful thinking?

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