Friday, November 28, 2008

Where to begin?

The first stop on the tour of our new home is the Sun Room. The format you see here will be the typical format we use to introduce you to each room. We'll try to go back and link to the specific projects that take place in these rooms as they happen. As you notice in the "What we'd like to do" section there is a (#) rating. That's what we feel is the difficulty of the project.

Sun Room

-Converted in the early 90s from a storm window porch to living space with a tiled entry way, carpet and a large bay window.
-Part of ceiling was replaced as the roof above the room had a leak (roof was also replaced)
-Main entry to the house

-High ceilings
-Large south facing (i.e. Lots of sun) bay window

-The ceiling that was replaced is painted white, while the rest of the ceiling has a textured finish
-Carpet is beat up from traffic and pets

What we’ve done:
-Painted walls (used to be a fleshy peach)
-Painted the front door red (inside and out) - Still needs a final touch up
-Bought a sweet coffee table on craigslist!
-Bought a 42” LCD TV (every home needs one!)

What we’d like to do:
-Texture the ceiling to match (3)
-Replace carpet with wood floor and area rug (5)
-Open the wall up to make a large great room w/ the bar (10)

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